10 Tips for Selling Your House in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains and Fanwood Areas

There are all kinds of advice and tips from lots of experts about how to sell your house and sell it fast. Sometimes the advice sounds good, and sometimes it seems a little off. But, when you get back to basics, you get pretty similar advice across the board (with a few new twists thrown in). The basic tactics and strategies haven’t changed all that much over the years. So here are 10 proven tips for selling your house in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains and Fanwood Areas.

1. Get the Price Right

This tip for selling your house in [market)-city] is one you will see everywhere because it is critically important. Price too low, and could lose money and buyers might think something is wrong with the house. In this market with limited inventory, this concern is minimal as buyers will likely bid up a property that is underpriced. Price too high, and your house will languish on the market. Buyers can be fickle and if your home is overpriced and buyers have mentally passed, it can be challenging to get them to take a second look. So get the pricing right before you list it.

2. Don’t Forget Millennials

Millennials are now the fastest-growing segment of home buyers. a new wave of house buyers out there with pretty specific needs and wants. They skew towards new construction, look for smart home technology, and want to live in a place that suits their lifestyle.  They are, in fact, the largest purchasing group nationwide.  You can tap into this market by updating your home and adding smart features where you can. 

3. Work on Curb Appeal

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so get it right. Improving the curb appeal will make selling your house in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains and Fanwood Areas noticeably easier. When buyers pull up to your house, the first thing they see is your yard the house’s exterior. powerwasing, yard clean up, fresh mulch, seasonal plantings and some fresh paint is money well spent.

4. Consider Smart Home Features

We touched on this already but smart home features are now a big draw when it comes to selling your house in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains and Fanwood Areas. Many buyers already have the smart home gadgets they want to install, so at least make sure your system is broadly compatible.

5. Go for a Pre-inspection

Many buyers now are seeking move-in-ready, turnkey homes. A pre-inspection will assure them that’s just what they’re getting. Sellers can hire a professional home inspector and address any issues found. The buyer will be doing a similar inspection anyway. It is better to address these issues sooner rather than later.  People’s lives are getting increasingly busier, so whatever you can do to make buying your home easier will make it more attractive to buyers. 

6. Make It Look Its Best

Sometimes, selling your house in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains and Fanwood Areas is no easy task,  You can help by sprucing up your home. The 3 best things you can do is de-cluttering, cleaning, and staging. The goal is to make your home as appealing and inviting as possible in order to strike the right emotional chords in buyers. We can help you hire a professional staging company can work wonders with your home.

7. Erase Your Personality

Similarly, to make selling your house in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains and Fanwood Areas even easier, be sure to remove some of the items that imprint your personality on it. The idea is to achieve a neutral pallet so buyers are able to envision your house as their home.

8. Make Minor Upgrades

Minor upgrades will make your house far more attractive to buyers, and it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. The kitchen and the bathroom will be the most important areas here. So you could, for instance, install new countertops in the kitchen or new fixtures in the bathroom.

9.Be accommodating

The selling process can be a bit of a pain, especially when buyers start scheduling showings and you have to get out of the house. But it could be worse… you could have no buyers coming through at all! When you are selling your home try to say yes to every single showing request, even the one where we were in the middle of lunch and had to be out of the house – with two pets – in 15 minutes. Unless it’s truly impossible, rearrange your schedule around what’s ideal for the buyer, not what’s ideal for you. 

10. Market Aggressively

This is where a great realtor comes in. We provide staging, professional photos, floor plans, virtual tours, traditional and social media marketing. Plus we leverage Coldwell Banker’s technology to present your home to the appropriate buyers.

Selling your house in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains and Fanwood Areas doesn’t have to be an impossibly difficult task if you just keep in mind and implement these tips. 

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