7 Quick tips for selling your home in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains, Fanwood and Mountainside Areas

When you’re selling your home in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains, Fanwood and Mountainside Areas it seems like there is so much to know and do. These tips will point you in the right direction and provide some basic information.

1. Spruce up your landscape

The first thing buyers are going to notice as they pull up to your house is your landscaping- lawn, plants, flowerbeds, etc. In real estate sales, first impressions count. Landscaping doesn’t have to be extravagant. It just needs to be neat and make a positive first impression. Mow the lawn, trim your bushes and buy a few bags of mulch to spread in the flower beds to tie things together. This is one of the simple improvements that will increase home value.

2. Remove clutter

One of the most cost-effective home selling tips is to eliminate clutter in your home.  You want to maximize the perceived space in the home. The more clutter, the more uncomfortable things will feel. Go through everything and clear out all the non-essentials. If you don’t have time to clean and sort everything. You should at least put things away in places where buyers won’t be looking. It’s best not to cram everything into closets or the garage. It’s often easier to rent a storage place and get it out of the house completely.

Clutter can make your home feel smaller than it is. This is not a good thing when trying to get the most you can out of your sale. Today’s buyers like bright open spaces. It’s best to keep personal property to a minimum. Many buyers struggle to visualize themselves in your home. Make things easier on the buyer by giving them a clean slate.

3. Paint your interior if it needs it

Dark, dreary colors can shrink the perception of space. Dated, stained paint makes rooms look decrepit. Painting with contemporary colors can change the whole feel of your home. I can help with what is fresh or connect you with a great professional. There is not another home improvement that will give you more bang for your buck than a fresh coat of paint. You should stick with neutral colors. You want to appeal to as many people as possible.

4. Hire a great Real Estate agent

Working with a professional to sell your home has a ton of benefits and takes a lot of the heavy lifting off of your shoulders. An experienced Realtor can often sell your home faster, and for a better price, than you can on your own.

Our comprehensive marketing program and affiliation with Coldwell Banker will help get the job done. We use traditional and digital marketing to marry leading-edge technology with meticulous personalized marketing materials. Offerings include professional photography, customized printed brochures, print advertising, and direct mail. Our digital program includes individual property websites, mobile brochures, video marketing including television advertising & YouTube. Plus, targeted advertising on social media and frequently visited websites such as CNN, Fox News, and ESPN.

Before we can do any of this, we must price your house correctly. Without the right price, everything else you do will be meaningless. Don’t be like so many other sellers who put a pie in the sky price tag on their homes. This is a sure recipe for failure.

5. Consider professional staging

Rearranging furniture, changing some dated light fixtures, sprucing up that dark hallway with a mirror, or adding some updated throw pillows and decorations can make a dramatic change in a home. A professional stager can facilitate all of this for you and in some cases even provide the materials to you. We include a professional staging consultation on all new listings. Call us at 917-608-7277 to learn more.

6. Consider a professional cleaning

A clean home is inviting to buyers, whereas a dirty home can turn them away faster than just about anything. The easiest way to know your home is spotless and looking its best is to hire a professional cleaning company. Concentrate on the kitchen and bathrooms. Buyers will pay closer attention to these areas. You should consider having your carpets professionally cleaned. This is one of those things where spending a few hundred dollars can save you thousands by preventing the buyer from thinking they need to replace the carpets immediately.

7. Get organized

The people that are looking at your home are going to open every door, including closets and the garage. You may help your sale by making sure these areas are relatively organized. The better they look, the easier it is for buyers to imagine that they can fit all their things in the home. This again goes back to one of my previous home selling tips of DE-cluttering. Organizing your closets and garage should be done as part of the process. 

So, yes, it’s a tough decision to sell your home. An experienced local agent like Steve Christian Homes can help guide you through the process. So if you’re on the fence about whether to sell in Westfield, Cranford, Clark, Scotch Plains, Fanwood and Mountainside Areas or want more information on preparing your home, contact us today at 917-608-7277.

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