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Westfield Newsletter and Real Estate Update

The Westfield Real Estate Market needs inventory! New Listings are down over 12% year to date with sold listings up 6.24%. This is creating an inventory crunch. Buyers are still looking for homes and have limited choices. There is a decline in the year-over-year sold listings in October. This is due to a large number of closings in October 2020 that were delayed by pandemic shutdowns.

Sellers can still expect to command a premium for their home but preparation, pricing, staging, and stellar marketing are key. If you’re thinking of selling and not sure where to start you can request my Comprehensive Seller’s Guide here.  If you’re thinking of selling in early 2022 you can start planning now. It is a good thing to have a generous lead time when preparing to sell. I can help get the ball rolling by offering a free staging consultation with all signed listings. 

I hope you find this Market update helpful. Keep scrolling for some fun things to do in the area and some home winterization tips.

A Walk in the Woods ~ An Introduction to Brightwood Park (Family Event) 

Tour of Brightwood Park with Jim Lewis, Environmental Scientist, and Educator

Sunday, November 14 2021 @ 1:00 PM

Whether you are a newcomer to this nature sanctuary or a seasoned veteran, please join Friends of Brightwood Park (FOBP) for a family-friendly tour of Brightwood Park.

Walk leisurely through the park and learn about: History / Ecology / Invasive Species / The Pond / Wildlife

* Pre-registration is required with Westfield Town Space Limited * Family Event (children under age 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult)

Looking for some Unique Holiday Gifts

 Christkindlmarkt on 11/21/21 at Clark’s own Deutscher Club Located at 787 Featherbed Lane. You will find Stollen, Cookies, Candies, Collectables, Gifts, Handmade items, and my favorite German Pyramids or Carousels that rotate with candle power

Cold Weather Checklist: 10 Steps to Winterize Your Home

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your house if it’s not properly cared for and can result in big headaches and even bigger bills. November is the time to winterize and prepare for the coming change in weather.

1. Protect your pipes

A burst pipe can create a huge costly mess. Before the winter sets in, check the plumbing for cracks and leaks and, insulate exterior pipes to prevent freezing. Last shut off disconnect and drain your outside hose and faucet. 
Do you have lawn sprinklers? Contact a professional to have your system winterized.

2. Clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney

Creosote buildup can cause house fires and quickly turn a cozy evening in front of the fire into a nightmare. Inspect your fireplace and chimney for creosote, debris, or animals who may have moved in over the summer. 

3. Clean and repair the gutters

Falling leaves are pretty, but too many can back up a gutter system. Clear out any debris, and then secure or replace loose or sagging gutters and downspouts, which can easily be pulled off the house by heavy snow and ice.   

4. Assess your insulation

You can start by checking for insulation issues in the attic and basement, on exterior walls, and around windows and doors. You should replace worn-out weatherstripping, and seal gaps where cold air can penetrate.  
If you want to cut down on drafts from windows and doors, remove screens, and install storm doors and windows.  

5. Maintain your heating system

Call a professional for seasonal maintenance. Many local firms offer annual contracts to maintain your heating and cooling systems. These contracts are great if you have an issue, typically the firm you contracted with guarantees same-day service and a discount on repairs.  

6. Check exterior driveways, walkways, steps, and railings

Snow, ice, shoveling, plowing, and salt can damage outdoor surfaces. Repair any cracks on driveways, walkways, and steps. Check that railings and staircases are sturdy and secure.  

 7. Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can be especially dangerous during the cold months when windows and doors are kept shut. Place a combination smoke and CO2 detector on every floor of the home, in each bedroom, and in the kitchen, test them regularly, and change batteries as needed.  

8. Change the direction of your ceiling fans

Reversing the direction of your ceiling fans improves energy efficiency and comfort. This creates an upward draft that pushes the warm air at the ceiling back down into the room. 

9. Take care of your patio furniture and grill

Furniture and grills that stay outside all year should be covered for the season. Keeping the harsh winter elements off these items will help preserve them for years to come.

10. Maintain Your Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor power tools, such as mowers and string trimmers, need to be cleaned and maintained prior to storing. If you have a snowblower, it’s time to inspect it before the first snowfall to ensure it’s working properly.

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